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StarProjects is a totally integrated client/project management, time and expense recording and billing system which enables professional and administrative staff to effectively manage projects, clients and staff.

Information is easily tracked through 'Project Explorer' which presents information in the familiar Windows Explorer style. Users can track their progress and performance against plans and budgets, without having to wait on administrative staff for the information.

Administrators will particularly appreciate quick access to information. If they need to check a client's invoicing schedule for example, the Explorer will produce the information in seconds.

Charge rates can be established globally or individually for any client or project through the Hierachical Rate Table. Staff can be charged by their professional level or with their own unique rate. The hierachical nature of the rate allows powerful combinations to match typical commercial contracts.

Another important control for professionals is the approval of time sheets and expenses for employees or projects. StarProjects enables individuals to review, amend and approve timesheets. Once approved, the information can be submitted and made available to administrators for client billing, payroll and reporting.

With StarProjects invoices can be based on time & materials or fixed prices. Progress invoices can be processed and detailed schedules of agreed payments, both date driven and milestone activated, can be established against a project. Automatic recurring invoices are available with flexible cycles including daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycles. StarProjects also allows users to professionally prepare and present invoices so that the information is meaningful, legible, accurate and delivered in a timely manner.



TimeRecorder is a comprehensive time management system designed specifically with professionals and administrators in mind because it streamlines the process of recording, reviewing and submitting employee time sheets and expense forms.

TimeRecorder gives users the autonomy to access relevant information when it is needed most. Local reporting from the desktop provides drilldown reports into project time in addition to expense reports, time analysis reports and transaction logs.



The StarProjects suite is now fully web enabled, offering Project Managers access to their project accounting data from any location. StarProjects’ Web Engine gives employees the ability to submit their timesheets and expenses via an internet connection and browser, a feature that can hasten the approvals process for managers immensely.

StarProjects’ Advanced Web Engine takes this process further, by allowing the project manager to complete and submit the time and expense approvals via the web also. Other key features in the Advanced Web Engine for StarProjects include online document management and online project reporting. The advanced Web Engine is the ideal tool for project managers who spend a majority of their time on the project site.


Landed Cost

Landed cost will assist importers obtain a true account of all shipping and ancillary costs, as well as providing estimations prior to actual shipping. In this way, importers will minimise the risk of over-estimating their profit projections.

Landed Cost users can add their indirect and additional costs at the time of entering the shipment.

All indirect costs can be dispersed by dollar value, quantity, weight and volume. All ancillary costs can be charged to an open purchase order, while tariff codes can be established and applied.

Users also have the ability to consolidate multiple orders or part of orders onto a single shipment from a supplier.



eAdvice has been designed to take advantage of telecommunications technology and help you streamline the delivery of your business documents to both customers and vendors.

With eAdvice you can quickly and cost effectively fax, email or fax and email:

  • Distribution Invoices / Credits
  • Accounts Receivable Invoices / Credits
  • EFT Remittance Advices
  • Sales Order Acknowledgements
  • Purchase Orders, and
  • Customer Statements

eAdvice will deliver either an individual document or a selected range of documents for the same or different customers and vendors.

All documents can be previewed before being delivered and reprinted at anytime.

As well as having your own personalised messages for fax cover pages and email subject and detail lines, documents can be created with your company logo and your existing electronic form layouts.



ExpenseManager fully automates the process for employee expenses end to end, including initial data capture, approval process and reimbursement to the employee.

Some of the key features ExpenseManager offers:

* Employee expense processing

* Multilevel approvals

* Multicurrency

* Integration with accounts payable, general ledger and/or payroll

* Automated business rules

* Strong financial control

* Web enabled

* Departmental distribution of expenses